Christmas is over

Christmas is over, but the snow, slush and ice lingers on.  Enough already! We’ve had so much snow in the last month everyone is sick of it.  It’s supposed to start warming up next week (1/8/01-1/15/01) so at least enough snow should melt so we’ll have ROOM for the next batch whenever that comes.

Web Site Changes – We’ve changed our home page so it would be easy for us to use as our “Start Page”.  This was the original intention of the idea of a “home page” on the internet; So each web user could have their own personal Start Page.  But since the commercial “Portals” like Yahoo, Excite, MSN, etc. did such a good job of combining so many features and allowing customizable features, this is now a rare occurrence on the internet.  But what they’ve ALSO added on those pages is unnecessary advertising and tricks to get you to click on THEIR recommended sites, which is how they can offer all of the neat “free” features they have.  So our home page is faster-loading because it’s free of all of that customization code, free of ads, and free of MOST of the extra snazzy graphics and effects (hey, we have to have SOME fun!).  So if you find it useful, feel free to either add it to your favorites or even make it your own home page if you don’t have one yourself. And if you DO have one yourself, let us know and we’ll add it to our “Friends and Family” site list!

Photo Albums – We’ve added our Christmas album for 2000, so take a look if you’re interested.

Odigo – Jim’s been experimenting with a few new programs: Odigo, which combines AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ as well as it’s own services, and it looks like a nice alternative to using two or more messenger programs. Too bad it doesn’t support MSN Messenger, or it would cover all the bases we need.