February Begins

Tomorrow Kevin turns 3 years old! We’re having his party at Bozzo’s house this afternoon.  His party has a dinosaur theme, and he’s getting dinosaur-related gifts.  Sandy and Jim got him the movie Dinosaur on DVD (Special Edition, 2 DVDs), some dinosaur wood puzzles, and a big plastic container filled with all sorts of dinosaurs.

Jim’s using 5 messengers now — MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Odigo, AIM, and ICQ.  Sheesh! It’s not so bad though with 2 PCs on the internet at once–all the messengers stay on one PC and we surf the net and do other things with the other one.  It’s just experimental though, to see how all the programs work and what their differences are.  There’s an alliance forming among several of the major messenger services right now, so hopefully they’ll come up with a good unified solution… In the meantime though, Jim just likes to play with them and juggle between them until they break.

The blue car is in the shop this weekend–another head gasket blown.  That’s the 2nd hard gasket change for that car now, so it’ll be on it’s 3rd gasket. The black car is on it’s 2nd one as well, so I guess it’s just a thing you have to live with on Neons.  We’ve heard it’s a pretty common problem on Neons.

Our CD recorder died last week too. It just stopped refusing to record CDs one day, and then stopped reading CDs altogether. I opened it up, but could see nothing physically wrong with it.  So I’ll have to get another one of those along with a new DVD drive, which has been giving me trouble for some time too. That one occasionally refuses to read DVDs, and never wants to read CDs any more either…Maybe it’s me, but neither one of them wants to work any more no matter what I do.  I’ve even tried them in different computers with the same results. Oh well. Time to upgrade.