Spring is here

Spring is here! It’s warming up off-and-on around here. In the 70’s yesterday, but extremely windy.  We had a chance to wash one of the cars and go to the park with Kevin, and just spent as much of the day outside as we could.  By the end of the day Kevin was exhausted and cranky.  We have a lot of new photos online now, just in time for spring.  They’re in an album called “Spring 2001”.  You can get to them through our photo albums section or just by clicking here.

Since our last update we have switched from MSN Dial-up to RoadRunner Cable Internet.  WOW, what a difference!  We’re always connected now, no dialing up, and we were able to get rid of our second phone line, which was used just for the computer.  This alone saved us the difference in price between MSN and RoadRunner, so it was definitely worth the price for us, especially with the overall increase in speed! I can download a 5MB MP3 in about 30 seconds, and download most programs and updates in less than a minute!  We’re really happy with it.  I’ve also started a comparison chart here on our site to compare the different speeds.  You can see the results by clicking here, and you can test your own connection and submit your results to me by clicking here.