Steakouts, Kevin sprouts, and vows

We’ve had a couple of our famous “SteakOuts” already this year, and it’s been fun.  More are coming, and we can’t wait!

Kevin continues to sprout, and he’s talking more each day.  Sometimes it’s pretty hard to shut him up at all!  But it’s great fun watching the changes.  Sunday we were at Dad T’s for dinner we were just sitting around doing nothing and Kevin was sitting at the end of the dining room table playing with his toys… There’s a phone at the end of the table, and suddenly it rang.  Kevin immediately picked it up without hesitation and said “Hello?”  Our jaws just dropped in shock! We didn’t know he knew how to answer the phone, he had never made any attempt to do this before, and he usually refuses when we ask if he wants to talk to mommy or daddy when we’re on the phone.  We let him stay on for a minute, and he acted like he was actually having a conversation, but he wouldn’t say who it was for.  I said “well, maybe it’s for HIM.”  So we took the phone from him and talked to the caller and it was actually for Clayton I think.  Anyway, that was a first for him, and it was pretty amusing for us.

We attended Mark Stricklin’s Renewal of Wedding Vows party on Saturday, May 5th.  This entire party was a surprise 22nd anniversary gift for his wife, complete with the original wedding party and a new wedding ring. They even had an instant photo booth in Singapore which I used to take a bunch of pictures with the digital. Take a look.