Smith Reunion

It’s been a nice summer… We attended the J.W. Smith family reunion at the end of July, toured the Jelly Belly plant a couple times, and even went to the Fireside Dinner Theater for dinner and a play.  The dinner was excellent, it’s unbelievable how good every single item was, and the play was also very good, as was the service and everything else about the Fireside–except for the high prices of the items in the gift shops–but this is to be expected, so it was no surprise.  The family reunion was very nice too.  The reunion was in Fennimore, Wisconsin, but we spent a couple nights at a hotel in Mineral Point, which is about 22 miles south of Fennimore, but the closest hotel we could get that had an indoor pool.  That’s one of our prerequisites to a vacation trip–we all love swimming.  Anyway, the trip went very well except for an initial glitch which wound us up in the middle of a corn field thanks to the wonderful directions given to us by MapQuest! (You’ll notice no hyperlink is given–I no longer recommend them)  I will use Yahoo Maps for my directions in the future.  It has already proven itself, and also CORRECTLY planned our Fennimore trip, which I checked as soon as we returned.