PT Cruiser Block Party

Well, summer is pretty much over.  The weather is cooling down and fall is in the air. We got a 2002 PT Cruiser from Frank Boucher in Racine last Christmas!  Sort of a Christmas gift for Sandy and I from ourselves, except SHE gets to drive it 99% of the time… And we just got back from Chrysler’s PT Block Party last night.  4 free tickets to Great America we just couldn’t pass up!  We had a great time too! Take a look.  Let’s see… what else happened since my last blog… OH!  Peanut’s new too!  He’s our new Chihuahua puppy.  Kevin’s godfather, Rich had male and female Chihuahuas and they had a litter of pups!  He was nice enough to give us first pick, so we chose a male.  He looked like a peanut, so that’s what we named him! We have some newborn photos of him as well as plenty of photos of him at every stage of growth up to now.  He’s not full size yet, and looks a bit short and fat when he goes back to his family to visit.  His twin brother Howard is much taller and skinnier, yet they say he eats like a horse!  He’s doing good, but just now learning to NOT chew on everything in the house, and instead sticking mainly to his own chew toys.   That’s about it for the significant stuff I think.  If not, I’ll post more in the next blog entry.  For a “visual” update of things more often though, be sure to check our Photo Albums page once in a while.  I post photos much more often than blog entries, so you should check there first for updates.  I also send regular e-mail updates to everyone who visits my site on a regular basis, so if you want to be added to the list, please let me know.