Post-Christmas update

Well, ten days left to Christmas!  Saturday we put up the tree (took all but 5 minutes).  It’s a 3-piece pre-lit tree we bought last year.  By far the easiest setup I’ve ever gone through.  Anyway, Sandy and Kevin decorated it and hung up the ornaments after I put it up.  Saturday evening we went out to dinner at King Buffet, our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant, and then we took Kevin to see Santa at Regency Mall in Racine.  Sunday (today) Kevin and I cleaned his room and Sandy wrapped a ton of presents.  Oh, and I burned my first successful home movie onto a DVD-R disc today!  It came out really nice.  Unfortunately I just learned that only a few select DVD players can actually PLAY a DVD-R disc… Hopefully this ability will improve in the future.  For now though I can play them on the computer just fine, but neither of our two DVD players digested the DVD very well.  They play a good portion of it fine, but about two-thirds of the way through they choke and start acting very erratic.  I checked the internet, and it’s a common problem with DVD-R discs, so there’s really nothing wrong except incompatibility.

Enjoying the Christmas season

Kevin had a nice Advent program at church tonight. He sang with the other 3 and 4 year olds. Afterward we went to see Christmas Lane and all the wonderful Christmas decorations, and then stopped at the Christmas Train house close to Christmas Lane. It was amazing, as it is every year! Santa was there tonight, talking to the kids and handing out little gifts for the kids. They also had hot chocolate, hot apple cider, snacks and cookies. The train set is a major attraction in Kenosha this time of year, and tonight was no exception. It was a very crowded street tonight, probably because Santa was there. The trains take up this guy’s entire front yard and backyard, and the tracks run throughout, and the trains even travel from the front yard to the backyard! There are a few photos in our albums, but we plan to take a bunch more during the daytime this year to give everyone a good idea of how amazing this setup really is, and to help get the word out and attract even more people! So stay tuned, we should have a new album up soon. Meanwhile, we’ve just posted the pictures from Kevin and his class’s field trip to the Jelly Belly Warehouse, so take a look at those when you get a chance.