Post-Christmas update

Well, ten days left to Christmas!  Saturday we put up the tree (took all but 5 minutes).  It’s a 3-piece pre-lit tree we bought last year.  By far the easiest setup I’ve ever gone through.  Anyway, Sandy and Kevin decorated it and hung up the ornaments after I put it up.  Saturday evening we went out to dinner at King Buffet, our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant, and then we took Kevin to see Santa at Regency Mall in Racine.  Sunday (today) Kevin and I cleaned his room and Sandy wrapped a ton of presents.  Oh, and I burned my first successful home movie onto a DVD-R disc today!  It came out really nice.  Unfortunately I just learned that only a few select DVD players can actually PLAY a DVD-R disc… Hopefully this ability will improve in the future.  For now though I can play them on the computer just fine, but neither of our two DVD players digested the DVD very well.  They play a good portion of it fine, but about two-thirds of the way through they choke and start acting very erratic.  I checked the internet, and it’s a common problem with DVD-R discs, so there’s really nothing wrong except incompatibility.