Pam, Louie, Socks, Peanut, and Kevin

Pam & Louie treated us to Brunch and a play yesterday! It was Funny Girl at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort.  The food and the play were both excellent!  Kevin spent the day with Uncle Bear while we went out.

Socks and Peanut are doing fine.  Socks is close to Peanut’s size now, and Peanut seems to stay about the same size, as far as we can tell.  He might be getting fatter, but that’s about it.  Socks is still a puppy and getting into everything. Very bold too. He’ll steal a Kleenex sitting right next to you if you look away!  And how he can jump like a rabbit and walk around in his hind legs, so he’s always jumping up on our bed and finding ways onto the dining room table to steal things.  That’s a trick we haven’t witnessed yet, but we know he’s doing it because we find things from the table out on the living room floor occasionally.  Now we turn the dining room chairs around when we leave the house to prevent it.  The chair by the computer also requires moving, since we caught him with a couple CDs recently too.  He’s a little scavenger, that’s for sure.  Hopefully he’ll grow out of that phase soon.  Peanut doesn’t get into things any more.  The only problem we have with him now is his constant territorial marking!  Anything that doesn’t smell like him yet is a potential target for him to squirt, it seems!  And this includes Socks!  Can you say “Smelly Dog?”  (Must be the sequel to Phoebe’s song “Smelly Cat”…)

Kevin’s 5th birthday is only 15 days away! He’s very excited about it.  We printed the invitations last week and they’re being mailed out this week.  He sure is growing fast.