Kevin’s 5th Birthday

By | Monday, February 10, 2003 at 9:10 am

We celebrated Kevin’s 5th Birthday last week! We took lots of photos, so be sure and check them out.  On Wednesday (his actual birthday) we took Kevin to Chuck E. Cheese’s in Racine.  He had a blast!  We went in mid-afternoon, so the place was pretty much deserted and he had pretty much everything to himself for a while!  We got a pretty nice “simulated” pencil drawing from one of the machines, had pizza and soda, and played on the games and in the tubes.  He bought a Chuck E. Cheese Hot Wheels tractor-trailer and a small water-filled toy with all the tickets he won from the games.

On Saturday we had his Scooby-Doo-themed birthday party at Grandpa Trottier’s house.  We had a ton of pizzas, cake and ice cream, and then Kevin opened his gifts.  It soon switched from a Scooby party to a Spongebob party though!  He got a Spongebob chair, Spongebob Pants and Shirt outfit, 2 talking Spongebob dolls, a bucket of Spongebob bath toys, and the latest Spongebob DVD (that makes 3 we have now).  He also got a few Bob The Builder toys as well, all of which he’s having a blast with!  Even Kev’s  girlfriend Marissa was there, so he had a really good time playing and celebrating.