Hi! (a posting from Jay)

Just figured I’d drop a line and say hi. Will’s getting big…up to 9 lbs now! He’s getting the “Trottier belly” goin on! (Just like his dad and the other Trottier males 😉  Our dog gets us better TV reception now! She has a cone on her head. Cassie finnaly got fixxed last Friday…shes doing good. Its funny, but I think she got more balloons and cards then I did when I had surgery….hmmmm. Michelle got her long hair chopped off  🙁  I have to admit, I love it, it looks AWESOME! I picked up a new hobby, I got back into R/C Nitro racing. I bought a Traxxas T-Maxx   check it out…It’s my new found love (next to Michelle and the kids of course 😉

Well, I guess thats all the new updates for now. Until next time……………..Goodbye 🙂


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Psycho Chihuahuas

Our two Chihuahuas, Peanut and Socks, have been developing some bad behavior lately.  Socks, and recently Peanut too, has been shredding many household items when we’re not at home.  They both also shred Kleenex, but they do this even when we ARE home, and sometimes right in front of us!  But we’ve come home and found many things, including photos, magazines, books, game controllers, Matt’s X-Box Live headset, CDs, and most-recently several DVDs, shredded to pieces!  This last incident pushed us to take immediate action, so I cleaned out the small bathroom in the basement we rarely used, put in a food and water dish and a pad, and now when we leave the house the dogs stay in there.  That was last Friday.  So far they’ve already pulled up most of the carpet in the bathroom, shredded the foam padding under it, and scratched the bottom of the door to shreds.  They haven’t gotten out though, so we’re not too concerned.  We expected some damage though, so that’s not a shock.

They’ve also taken to “marking” everything in the house! Chairs, couches, doors, etc. etc., leaving us to have to clean, scrub, mop and sanitize everything over and over again.  We tried some Hartz “Stay-off” spray on many areas, but it doesn’t phase them except for a few sneezes.

If anyone has any ideas about how to make the behavior stop (without a huge cash outlay) we’d really appreciate it.  We plan on getting both of them neutered eventually, and we’ve heard this can help with the behavior problems, but we’ve also heard other people that say it didn’t help with anything when they had it done to their dogs.  If you have any ideas please add a comment to this posting or e-mail jim@jimtrottier.com.

What’s up with our legs?

Gee, almost missed getting ANY news posted this month! Well, Sandy’s been struggling with a partially fractured/sprained ankle this month.  The doctor said it’s an common injury where the muscle, when pulled can tear off a small piece of bone from the ankle, resulting in sort of a break/sprian.  She didn’t require a full cast on the foot, but she now has a removable supportive “boot” she has to wear for 4-6 weeks, and a smaller brace she can also wear to lessen the pain.  She’s getting around though, and still working her butt off to get things wrapped up at CirQon.

I’m also struggling with a leg problem this month.  A few weeks ago one evening I started feeling weak all over and was running a fever.  I figured it was the flu, so I rested that night.  The next day it was worse.  Sandy kept checking my temperature and it kept rising.  At just over 104F we decided I’d better take a cold shower to cool down.  Upon removing my pants I discovered my entire lower right leg from my knee to my ankle was bright red and swollen!  Sandy called the doctor for me (the next day–I wanted to wait and see if it got better on its own) and the doctor told us to go to the emergency room immediately, and said I could die.  We did, and I was put on IVs immediately and told it was an infection, most-likely from bacteria getting in through my foot.  (I’ve had problems with my feet since I burned both of them on hot sand when I was younger).  After a few hours of IVs and medication, I was sent home.  I saw my doctor a couple days later and he didn’t like the looks of it.  For an entire week, once per day he had me get an IV of antibiotics from the hospital, as well as prescribing an antibiotic pill and pain medication.  The week went fairly well, and the leg started getting better.  I took the week off of work, per Doctor’s orders and kept it elevated a lot.

At the end of that week I woke up with a rash.  It was worst around my right knee, just above the infection, but it covered my entire body and itched like crazy.  We called the doctor, and they said it was probably an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, and I made an appointment to see the doctor again following day.  By that time the rash was worse, and boy was I itching!  After the examination the doctor confirmed the allergic reaction and switched me to another antibiotic and an allergy pill to help with the reaction effects.  At this point the infection is much better, now down to only a small remaining red area on my leg, and the rash is almost completely gone.  I feel much better, with just a slightly sore leg at this point.  The doctor said they can’t be sure if I’m allergic to the IV antibiotic or the oral antibiotic I had been taking though.  I’d have to go see an allergist to narrow that down.

But I’m getting better, and it feels good.  Now all we have to worry about is our jobs–It looks like at the end of June/Early July we’ll both be unemployed at this point.  That’s the latest we’ve heard so far.  I’m continuing to seek out interesting computer job prospects, and Sandy’s probably just going to pick up whatever extra hours she can get from her Society’s Assets job and leave it at that.

GreyMatter is Back!

In The Beginning… The WebMaster created Adam (Coleco)… And It Was Good.  Adam had GreyMatter. GreyMatter Was Good… And now I do too.  Well, I’ve always had grey matter, but now I have GreyMatter!

I’ve taken to using Greymatter for our Family News section.  As a few of you jimtrottier.com diehards might remember, I had it once before, but gave it up for some reason I can’t remember.  But it’s back now, and better than ever!  It’s the same GreyMatter, but I’ve tweaked it a bit, applied mods here and there for various features I like, and also learned how to connect it directly to the jimtrottier.com home page!  So you’ll find the very latest posting displayed at the top of our main page, along with a list of the most-recent postings to-date, so you can just click on any of those to catch up on anything you might have missed in the past.  Not that anything on here is important… It’ll waste all of your time just like every other website out there… But I hope you like it and come visit often anyway.

I’ve already learned a lot more about GreyMatter than I knew when I tried it the first time, and after seeing just how nice it can work with a little effort, I think it’s here to stay.  So let the Blogging Begin!!

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