Psycho Chihuahuas

Our two Chihuahuas, Peanut and Socks, have been developing some bad behavior lately.  Socks, and recently Peanut too, has been shredding many household items when we’re not at home.  They both also shred Kleenex, but they do this even when we ARE home, and sometimes right in front of us!  But we’ve come home and found many things, including photos, magazines, books, game controllers, Matt’s X-Box Live headset, CDs, and most-recently several DVDs, shredded to pieces!  This last incident pushed us to take immediate action, so I cleaned out the small bathroom in the basement we rarely used, put in a food and water dish and a pad, and now when we leave the house the dogs stay in there.  That was last Friday.  So far they’ve already pulled up most of the carpet in the bathroom, shredded the foam padding under it, and scratched the bottom of the door to shreds.  They haven’t gotten out though, so we’re not too concerned.  We expected some damage though, so that’s not a shock.

They’ve also taken to “marking” everything in the house! Chairs, couches, doors, etc. etc., leaving us to have to clean, scrub, mop and sanitize everything over and over again.  We tried some Hartz “Stay-off” spray on many areas, but it doesn’t phase them except for a few sneezes.

If anyone has any ideas about how to make the behavior stop (without a huge cash outlay) we’d really appreciate it.  We plan on getting both of them neutered eventually, and we’ve heard this can help with the behavior problems, but we’ve also heard other people that say it didn’t help with anything when they had it done to their dogs.  If you have any ideas please add a comment to this posting or e-mail

Author: Jim