Hi! (a posting from Jay)

Just figured I’d drop a line and say hi. Will’s getting big…up to 9 lbs now! He’s getting the “Trottier belly” goin on! (Just like his dad and the other Trottier males 😉  Our dog gets us better TV reception now! She has a cone on her head. Cassie finnaly got fixxed last Friday…shes doing good. Its funny, but I think she got more balloons and cards then I did when I had surgery….hmmmm. Michelle got her long hair chopped off  🙁  I have to admit, I love it, it looks AWESOME! I picked up a new hobby, I got back into R/C Nitro racing. I bought a Traxxas T-Maxx   check it out…It’s my new found love (next to Michelle and the kids of course 😉

Well, I guess thats all the new updates for now. Until next time……………..Goodbye 🙂


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Author: Jim