Pajama Party

Kevin has a Pajama Party at school today.  He was so confused this morning when I got him up and we got dressed in another pair of pajamas.  The confusion quickly turned to excitement as he realized he gets to go to school in his jammies.  He had to wear his regular shoes to get to school, but we packed his Taz slippers in his backpack so he can switch to them when he gets to school.

Well, one more day on the dinosaur auction.  So far we’re still winning, but someone just bid $1 less than my maximum bid.  My guess is that now they’ll wait until just before the auction ends tomorrow morning, and then they’ll outbid me by 50 cents or $1 and take it from me.

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Swimming and Nemo

Kev and I went swimming last night at Rec-Plex.  Three hikes to the top of the waterslide, 10 laps in the current channel (against the current) and a 15-minute hot tub and I was beat.  Kev just wanted to keep going and going though. Afterward I offered Kevin a reward for good behavior.  He wanted a Nemo fish.  He said he saw them at the store Clayton took him to the other day when my dad watched him.  Couldn’t remember the name of the store though.  After a few minutes of driving he said “The store with the big “K” like MY name!” I said “K-Mart?” and he said “Yeah, that’s it, K-Mart!” So I went that way.  As I drove into the K-Mart parking lot he said “No, it’s not THAT store, it’s BY that store.” and he looked all around until it hit him–two big stores down he spotted Wal-Mart and said “THERE! THAT’S the store!” I told him “That’s Wal-Mart.” so he’d remember it.  He knew for sure that was the store, so we went there.  We found the Nemo toys quickly.  He really wanted a talking one, but I didn’t have that much on me.  He settled for one almost the same size (close to a foot long) that didn’t talk, just a stuffed plush fish.  It’s the orange one from the movie–Nemo himself. Kevin calls him Diddley Squat though, from the TV commercial he’s seen about a thousand times.


The top story on the Channel 7 news last night was from Kenosha–Two mysterious envelopes containing a green powder were mailed to the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce and the Kenosha Municipal Building.   Both buildings were evacuated and the FBI was called in to investigate.  As of this morning the buildings are still closed. Click here for more information

Quest for Cages

Ok, we’re having some difficulty finding the cages without paying a FORTUNE! (Petco).  We checked several stores yesterday and we’re going back out today. Thanks for all the input everyone! I’ll make sure I post something pretty much daily… maybe it’ll even increase my site traffic. Oh, and for those who think they’re having trouble adding comments: After you “Post It” and go back to read it on the site–if it’s not there, it’s because you’re seeing the old cached page in your browser. Press F5 to refresh the page and there it is!

Update on dogs

We’ve decided after some outside input to get two small cages for the dogs, lock them up separately when we’re not home, with just a little water each, and then let them outside as soon as we get home to go to the bathroom.  We’re also removing all housetraining pads from the house to force them to go outside.  Hope this works…

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