Party & Parade

We had my 40th birthday bash Saturday.  Sandy threw a great party, made lots of great food, and everyone had a great time.  I think I had a few too many wine coolers myself, because I ended up with a splitting headache.  My bad leg was also a bit sore from all the walking around throughout the day, but that was expected.  The surprise “giveaway” sale at Bear’s neighbor’s house was a nice bonus. I think EVERYONE ended up taking a gift or two home from the party! Kevin was cute–as we left the neighbor’s house with a bunch of toys for him he said “Daddy, can I get some more toys at the NEXT house??”

Today was the Kenosha Civic Veteran’s Parade.  We watched from our usual spot on 60th Street and Sheridan Road at First United Methodist Church.  We sit there because they have a Strawberry Festival at the church the same day, and we love the brats, hotdogs and strawberries and ice cream!  It makes a great lunch, and then we’re early enough for decent seats when the parade starts.  The parade was pretty nice and I took over 140 pictures.  I’ll post them soon for everyone to see, as well as the photos from our trip to the Circus this week.

It’s a done deal

I’m finished. My career at CirQon ended at around 11:00am this morning. I was dismissed. I, along with a few other remaining co-workers, stood around the office and watched in shock as the movers carted away the desks, cabinets and chairs that were once part of our home away from home. They were amazingly swift today, as if the end of the day today was some sort of deadline and they just realized they were out of time. The other four days of the week were very quiet in the building and all of a sudden it was bustling with movers in nearly every department at once!

As a few co-workers and I waited for our “walking papers” we watched them clearing each room and moving on to the next. We even had to switch to different rooms to wait in because the furniture was being moved out all around us most of the time!

If you’re not bored to death by this yet, read on for some photo highlights…

Wow, are these exciting. Take a look.

BootDisk (23k image)

This was my Weapon of Mass Destruction for the past two weeks. I think I reformatted about 40 hard drives containing a total of around 175GB of information before carting each one out to the dock to be loaded onto a tractor-trailer.

NoServers (60k image)

This is where the two servers were that sat next to me for years. Mark Stricklin, my former supervisor, added the countertop. It was attached to a desk on the left, and held up on the right by a fire safe. Mark got out of IT and went into politics and construction over a year ago. He was smart enough to get out before he was forced to…

LastWorkstation (66k image)

There it is. My lonely workstation before I was told to pack it up and move it out early this morning. The screen and keyboard at left aren’t attached to a computer–they were key conspirators in my use of the aforementioned Weapon of Mass Destruction… I would wheel each computer in on a gurney, hook up the IV’s (keyboard, mouse, monitor), and then procedure to fry all of it’s data. Can I be indicted for war crimes?

I have more photos of more empty rooms, empty shelves, and nothingness, but this is getting too depressing. Time to move on….

Ghost Ship

It’s eerie (eery?) here. Each morning when I come in to work it sounds a little quieter. Less whirring of machines. Fewer hard drives spinning. Less fans keeping things cool. Emptier offices. What once was an active manufacturing plant buzzing with activity and production has been reduced to a quiet, empty shell of a building. Even the two network servers that lived and worked right beside me each day for years are now gone, moved to a server closet with the rest of the network hardware. It’s depressing. All that remains in my cubicle are empty shelves, 2 empty desks, an empty fire safe, and my workstation in the corner. I’m afraid if I’m not alert enough or take too long of a break one day this week I’ll return to find my own workstation has been packed up and shipped out! All good things must come to an end, as they say… or as I like to say: “Working at CirQon has been swell… but the swelling is going down now…”

Stairmaster Swimming

Kev and I went swimming last night. Rec-Plex is amazingly uncrowded this time of year. Everyone must be doing outdoor activities instead. It was good to get back to it though. We love swimming, so I always try to go at least a few times a week but with the leg problems I’ve been having, the swims have been few and far between. The leg is looking almost completely normal now, and feels pretty good.

Kevin and I did 4 trips down the huge waterslide, which was no easy accomplishment (for me, anyway). It’s like a giant stairmaster, then a 15-second looping slide back to the bottom. It didn’t phase Kevin though, he was ready to go several more times if I had let him.

And check out my new toy… Briggs and Stratton engine… right outta Tool Time! Arrr arrrr arrrrr.