Ghost Ship

It’s eerie (eery?) here. Each morning when I come in to work it sounds a little quieter. Less whirring of machines. Fewer hard drives spinning. Less fans keeping things cool. Emptier offices. What once was an active manufacturing plant buzzing with activity and production has been reduced to a quiet, empty shell of a building. Even the two network servers that lived and worked right beside me each day for years are now gone, moved to a server closet with the rest of the network hardware. It’s depressing. All that remains in my cubicle are empty shelves, 2 empty desks, an empty fire safe, and my workstation in the corner. I’m afraid if I’m not alert enough or take too long of a break one day this week I’ll return to find my own workstation has been packed up and shipped out! All good things must come to an end, as they say… or as I like to say: “Working at CirQon has been swell… but the swelling is going down now…”

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Author: Jim