Party & Parade

We had my 40th birthday bash Saturday.  Sandy threw a great party, made lots of great food, and everyone had a great time.  I think I had a few too many wine coolers myself, because I ended up with a splitting headache.  My bad leg was also a bit sore from all the walking around throughout the day, but that was expected.  The surprise “giveaway” sale at Bear’s neighbor’s house was a nice bonus. I think EVERYONE ended up taking a gift or two home from the party! Kevin was cute–as we left the neighbor’s house with a bunch of toys for him he said “Daddy, can I get some more toys at the NEXT house??”

Today was the Kenosha Civic Veteran’s Parade.  We watched from our usual spot on 60th Street and Sheridan Road at First United Methodist Church.  We sit there because they have a Strawberry Festival at the church the same day, and we love the brats, hotdogs and strawberries and ice cream!  It makes a great lunch, and then we’re early enough for decent seats when the parade starts.  The parade was pretty nice and I took over 140 pictures.  I’ll post them soon for everyone to see, as well as the photos from our trip to the Circus this week.