Healthy Insurance

Over the past month I have learned something most of you probably already knew: Health Insurance is only for people who don’t need it. They won’t give it to people who need it. I know, I’m there right now. DENIED. My height-to-weight ratio is out of “spec” (I’d have to lose over 100 lbs to get “IN spec”) and I’m on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both of which are fully under control and at normal levels right now, while I’m on my meds. The problem is, soon–without the insurance–I won’t be able to AFFORD the meds, which is going to throw ANOTHER wrench in the works!

An insurance guy we talked to recently (whose company of course denied me coverage) recommended Coral Calcium. He said it does some amazing things, and among them are the lowering of cholesterol and the lowering of blood pressure. I was going to give it a shot, but after reading a lot of pages like this and this I decided I’d better hold off for now. Ideas anyone? I’ve already begun a more regular exercise program and I’m trying to eat better.

Toyz for Geeks

I’m sitting on my sisters couch at her new house on 75th street, typing this blog on my new toy. We’re just visiting, and Kevin is playing with his cousin Tyler outside in the pool. We haven’t gotten out much, so now we’re catching up while we have more free time.

I’m actually scrawling this message onto my, screen, believe it or not. Using a thin “stylus” (looks like a pencil) I just write directly onto the screen, in either cursive or regular print. Pause for a moment and viola–my drawn text disappears and magically appears in the e-mail message as typed text! It’s amazingly accurate at reading my handwriting too. Ain’t technology wonderful?

Read on for some photo highlights from our visit at Loretta’s…

Destiny1 (30k image)
This is Destiny, Erik’s daughter. Not lookin too happy in the swing…

Lorettas_Cat (11k image)
Loretta’s Cat… or is it Kari’s?

Cat_HeadStand (22k image)
Ever see a cat do a headstand? There ya go.

Lorettas_Peanut2 (30k image)
This is Peanut, Loretta’s Pomeranian.

Kev_and_Tyler1 (28k image)
In the little pool…

Kev_and_Tyler2 (33k image)
In the big pool…

Destiny3 (25k image)
Destiny waves.

Destiny2 (22k image)
Destiny stands!

Destiny4 (18k image)
And finally… Destiny pouts.


You have all the new toys don’t you? Did you forget how to type???? Kidding!!! I loved the picture of “Cat standing on it’s head”. Who does Destiny belong to? She’s so cute.

Rosemary said @ 07/14/2003 01:07 PM CST

Destiny is Erik’s daughter. Erik is Loretta’s son. (Loretta is my sister).

We had a nice (somewhat quiet) 4th of July at home this year. We bought a few simple (legal) fireworks and sparklers and Sandy, Matt, and Kevin used them out in the backyard after it got dark. I took a few photos, and I thought this one turned out pretty neat.

Sandy hands Matt two sparklers.
(Matt’s in the flag t-shirt)

Happy 4th!

Just a quick note to everyone to have a safe and happy 4th of July, and to remind everyone of what it means. Here’s a pop quiz from an old History class:

Q: What are the colors of the United States Flag?
A: Red, white and blue

Q: What do the colors represent?
A: Red stands for courage, white for truth and blue for justice

Q: How many stripes are there on the United States Flag?
A: 13

Q: Why 13?
A: Each stripe represents one of the 13 original states

Q: How many stars are there on the flag?
A: There are 50 stars, each represents one of the present state

Q: What is the 4th of July?
A: Independence Day?

Q: Independence from whom?
A: England

And if you miss the fireworks, CLICK HERE and enjoy!

Translation needed

While looking for a job in the Kenosha News recently I ran across this ad:

ClassifiedAd (8k image)

Could someone please translate this for me? It’s like the smallest ad you could possibly have, yet nearly every word is spelled wrong (or should I say “spelt rong?”). I wonder if the ad was actually submitted this way and published verbatim, or if there’s just some illiterate ad copy employee working at Kenosha News… Hmmm… Which place should I send my resume to? I think I’d have better odds sending it to Kenosha News… my guess would be that even the number of the address is wrong in the ad, and it seems Kenosha News could certainly use a new Copy Editor…