Onion Rings and Humidity

Kevin, Sandy and I went to the farmer’s market this morning. Kevin played in the park while Sandy picked up veggies. When we got back into the car Kevin said “Mom, there’s water coming out of my head.” He seemed very concerned. This must have been new to him. We explained that he’s “sweating” or “leaking” as I put it, and he needs to drink water to put it back in his body when it’s very hot out. The humidity was 89% (according to Weatherman Uncle Rich) and with the playing he did in the park he got pretty heated up. We decided to go to Burger King for lunch, so he could play in the indoor playground instead, and keep cool. During our meal Sandy found something interesting in her onion rings. Take a look:

OnionRingInfinity (36k image)

Sure, it could be just another oddly-shaped onion ring, but I’ve just recently watch a few movies that say otherwise. This week I watched the movie “Basic”, where the number “8” was the key to the entire plot! And I also watched Final Destination 1 and 2 this week, which leads me to believe that this could also be some sort of “sign”–perhaps it has to do with “infinity” or something involving the number eight, but definitely a sign… hmmm. Or maybe it just means we “ate!” =)