pop quiz

Time for a quiz! Today, while cleaning the basement, I found my old Elementary class photos, so here’s a quiz for you. Click below to popup each of the three class photos and see if you can find me. Imagine the grid is lettered A,B,C, etc. across the top and 1,2,3, etc. down the side. Now let me know which image you think is me in each of the classes. The quiz will be graded on a curve, naturally…

Class of 1971-1972 – 3rd Grade
Class of 1973-1974 – 5th Grade
Class of 1974-1975 – 6th Grade

I had Kevin try it and on the 3rd grade class he couldn’t find his daddy, but said “Hey! There’s ME!” as he pointed to the picture of me. But on the other two classes he failed miserably and couldn’t find me. Think: “Dorky Glasses”