Larinda Sinks!

The Tall Ship Larinda sank Sunday night in Halifax during Hurricane Juan. This is very depressing. We saw her during her visit to Kenosha at the Tall Ships Festival this year. I took several pictures and we talked briefly with Larry Mahan, her captain, who explained how he spent 30 years building the ship by hand. Captain Mahan survived the sinking and was not physically injured.

Larinda will be remembered fondly as being an awesome highlight to the Tall Ships Festival. We’re sorry to see her go. I have posted every photo I took of her during the festival in this special album.

Drizzle Walk

Kevin and I walked to school today in the drizzle. He loved wearing his new raincoat for the frist time. He also likes playing with our shadows on the way to school, and asked me this morning where our shadows were today. I explained that when it’s cloudy or rainy our shadows go away because the sunlight can’t shine all the way through. So he learned that he can’t wear his raincoat AND play with his shadow. He’s still afraid to stomp in puddles though. We’ll have to work on that.

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DVR Paradise

Our two new DVRs have done wonders for us so far. What they’re capable of is pretty neat, and so easy it’s scary. And with the fall television season starting this coming week, I’m afraid I might just overdose on television altogether!

We use the living room DVR to record Kevin’s favorite shows and a few of ours. He was pretty quick to learn the concept. Over the past couple weeks he’s seen a few shows he really likes and says “Daddy, can I get MORE ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’ or ‘Dexter’s Laboratory?’ I say “Why sure, just a second…’ and with a few clicks of the remote I have a “series schedule” set to record every episode of the show he wants. I tell him I’ll have it for him by tomorrow. So now when he gets TV time he just says ‘Dad, I wanna watch some Spongebob,” and I go through the recorded shows list and put it on for him. How’s THAT for a spoiled kid!

All the options are there too–you can setup any series to ‘keep until manually deleted’ or allow the show to scroll off the list if the hard drive runs out of recording space. Or you can ‘keep the last __ episodes’ of any series, record any occurence of the series on ANY channel or just a specific channel, record all episodes or just ‘first runs’, etc. It sounds complicated, but that’s only when you dig deep down into it. On the surface it’s very simple to use.

It also makes life so much easier for new shows that people recommend to me– “Mahirose” recommended Nip/Tuck to me a few weeks ago, so I setup a series recording and now I’m hooked on it! It’s a great show on FX…

Anyway, as they say, with a DVR you can “Watch TV on YOUR terms, when YOU want to watch it.” You’re no longer bound the the wacky competing prime-time schedules of network television (it’ll even record two shows that are on at the same time!), or the poorly-timed shows that are on when you’re away or working. When YOU have time to watch television you can sit down and load up a show, fast-forward through all the commercials, and pause when you need to use the restroom!

Geez, I should sell these things…

Spam spam spam sapm

I love the new spam that starts out like this: “We apologize for contacting you at this time of the day, but we need to make sure that you received our previous email. We have checks from $25 – $150 ready to send you…” blah blah blah… You know the rest. But I love the apology for bothering me at “this time of day.” That kills me. How do THEY know when I check my e-mail?? Ah, it just another spam though, why do I bother? I just love the fact that I can get bigger boobs, a six-hour erection, and beautiful chicks for free, 24/7/365 guaranteed, any time I want! I can even refinance my house for three times it’s value, get millions of dollars of free money from the government (Thank you, Matthew Lesko), and I even have hundreds of beautiful girls just waiting for me to respond! After all, what’s e-mail for??

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Dogs gone wild

DSC04561 (32k image)I took a few minutes to watch the dogs “at play” yesterday, with the camera. It seems they love to ham it up for me whenever I watch them They seem to know I like to watch them “wrestle” so they put on a little show when I settle in and watch. I sat in the backyard in the grass (Sandy wouldn’t let me sit in the living room after that until I changed clothes–she assumed I sat in dog poop) and watched them, snapping the camera every few seconds..!Image3 (42k image)

The highlights of these shots are embedded in this entry for your amusement. Peanut’s nickname is now “Cujo,” and you can see why. Man, he can look really scary when he wants to! Socks can make that face too, but it just doesn’t take on that evil look that Peanut can pull off. Maybe that’s because he’s had so much more practice–he gives Sandy that look on a daily basis… For some reason he just hates her. She can’t even pick him up without him throwing a fit. It makes things very interesting when “crate time” comes around and he has to go in. Ouch!DSC04605 (29k image)

Peanut seemed to start feeling this way about Sandy just after we brought Socks home after losing Peanut…If that makes any sense. To clarify, please read the short novel I wrote on how we lost Peanut and got Socks by clicking here. Anyway, Peanut has this jealousy toward Socks, and he seems to blame that on Sandy. DSC04562 (36k image)But almost any time anyone picks up Peanut he’ll growl and snarl if Socks is close by. I think it’s just out of habit though–He’s so used to Socks grabbing onto his rear-end and going to town on it in an instant when anyone lifts up .DSC04608 (38k image)Peanut’s front quarters. I guess he figures it’s the perfect entry position, so he takes every chance he can get. Or I should say he TOOK every chance he could get… he’s not doing that any more, the “repair” job took care of that little urge.

They’re getting along much better now though, despite how these photos make things appear. Rest assured, they were just playing around together and not really fighting at all, just showing off for me. Once I get up or even turn away and stop paying attention to them they quit wrestling and find something else to do.Image2 (56k image)

I Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! L8r

Rainy Weekend

Wow, rain. All weekend. I almost forgot what it was. Everything was very turning green again today, after the rain passed through. The skies were threatening the rest of the afternoon and evening, and we may have even gotten another sprinkle some time tonight, but looking outside we could tell things were much greener. I might actually have to cut the lawn another time this summer if this keeps up! And now everything gets nice and green just before fall (which is my favorite season)… Fine by me. The bees were getting totally out of control anyway. Looking forward now to the changing colors of the trees and the cooler, drier weather.

Observations: I saw a sign I thought was neat, posted on the sign outside Wolf/Merrick Animal Hospital on 52nd Street during the big Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary celebration. It said “We can fix your dogs, but we can’t fix your Hogs.” One more: A bumper sticker I saw on a car on the way home from my toy store (Best Buy) today: “Life’s Short. Pray Hard.” Underneath it was a Jesus Fish. Nuff said.

Stray dogs

We went to Rec-Plex this evening to swim. Had a great time too, but before we left there were a couple of stray dogs wandering around the neighborhood. A neighbor called us and asked if they were ours, since one of them appeared to be a chihuahua and both of them were relatively small. Peanut and Socks were in the house though, so it wasn’t them.

As we left to go swimming we saw them outside. They appeared to be friendly, and always stuck together like they were either from the same owner or just really good friends. I sat down in the grass to see if they’d come to me, but they stood away and barked at me cautiously. I was almost able to pet the chihuahua a little, but they she jumped away. We got in the car and left carefully, taking care not to startle them or cause them to run into the street under our car.

After a great time swimming we returned home and guess who was locked in our backyard, behind the fence!?! Yup, our two dog friends. They greeted us home, just as our own dogs would have if they’d been outside. We’re not sure how they got in the backyard though, since it’s entirely fenced in. Someone had to have put them over the fence or opened the gate and let them in. We assume a neighbor may have let them in and figured they were ours, since they were hanging around our house, probably after hearing our dogs barking from inside.

We knew we couldn’t just let them go free. We didn’t want to think about them possibly wandering a block east to Sheridan Road…they’d certain get hit by a car. And we certainly couldn’t keep them. Four dogs is a bit much. We have our hands plenty full with just two of them. I decided to call the Police for advice. They sent out an officer to verify that we had the dogs, and then called Animal Control.

The dogs were barking quite a bit whenever no one was with them, so I sat on the deck in the backyard with them while I waited for Animal Control. Both dogs were female. One appeared to be a poodle/Shih-Tsu mix and the other one a brown and white chihuahua mix. They were very friendly and warmed up to me quickly. They sat next to me and nudged my hand whenever I stopped petting them. Sandy put out some water and they drank that, so I brought out a couple of dog bone treats for them. They took them, but didn’t eat them. They left them lay out in the backyard.

A while later the Animal Control car came and picked them up. I said goodbye, and he took them away sad . Now, as I sit here typing this I realize what would have REALLY topped off this entry–A photo of these dogs! I didn’t take one! I’ll never ever see them again, and I forgot to even snap a single picture while they were here. Sheesh, what kind of geek AM I??? rolls eyes This is the best I can do:

straydog (32k image)

Dog Tired

Socks and Peanut are exhausted. As we told Kevin, they were broken, so they spent the day at the vet getting “fixed.” They’re just lying around the house trying to figure out just what the heck happened today. They woke up happy and humping each other, took a ride with their masters, got left in some strange doctor’s office, passed out, woke up sore as heck in the groinal regions and groggy as all get-out, and then their masters picked them up again and brought them home. Sometimes shivering and just looking off into space, they seem to be wondering what’s going on. They often want to jump up on the couch to lay down, and they even halfway try once in awhile, but give up when they realize they just don’t have the strength, or maybe it just hurts too much to jump right now. They look at me like they’re asking me to help them up. I do, and then they just jump back down and follow me when I walk away.

They’ll get over it. The vet says they’ll be back to their old selves tomorrow. Hopefully not “completely” though–Within a month he said we can most likely expect a major change in behavior (90% chance) for the better. They can have only a little food and water today, and we have to keep a close eye on them so they stay away from their wound and don’t fall down the stairs or otherwise hurt themselves while their medicated. Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell (pun intended) for our dog repair project.