It’s a dog-eat-dog world

A couple weeks ago Peanut and Socks got into a scuffle over something in the back yard. I heard a dog crying loudly outside, ran out to see who it was, and it was Peanut crying in pain as socks was biting into him. This was the day after we took both of them in for their shots and checkup (so we could get both of them scheduled to be neutered). I ran out and scooped up Peanut and I could see immediately that his ear was punctured and bleeding.socksouch (32k image) It was dusk outside and a little hard to see, so I ran him inside to examine him better and clean him up. Once in the house we could see that the area around his eye was full of blood as well, and dripping. We cleaned him up and Sandy held an ice pack on his wounds for awhile.

Peanut is now healing well, but we’re worried about the dogs not getting along. They’ve had very few major fights in the past, and this was the first time either of them actually drew blood. Since that day they seemed to have been getting along fine as usual, except for today. Today they had another knockdown dragout fight in the living room and wouldn’t stop. I grabbed Peanut off of Socks, but he was biting into Socks’ cheek with his teeth, pulling Socks off the floor, and wouldn’t let go! I eased him off, trying at the same time to startle him into looking at me and easing up enough so I could pull him away. He let go eventually, as Socks began screaming, just as Peanut had a couple weeks ago.

Peanut appeared uninjured this time, so I put him in his cage so I could keep them apart and take a look at Socks. It appeared that this time Peanut had won the fight and put Socks in his place, evening the score. I don’t know if dogs can really think on this level, but that was what it looked like to me. After the fight Socks was limping, and right now his front right leg and the right side of his face are very sore. His limp is almost gone at the moment, since it’s now several hours since the fight, so I think he’s going to make it. Amazingly, Peanut didn’t manage to draw blood. Not that he didn’t try to though… he was hanging on pretty hard to Socks’ cheek!

We have them scheduled to be neutered next Friday though, so hopefully the bad behavior will be greatly reduced after that. The vet says there’s no guarantee of a behavioral improvement, but about 90% of the time, from what he’s seen, there is a major effect. Heck, wouldn’t YOUR behavior improve after someone did that to YOU!?! Ouch!!

Author: Jim