Kindergarden Kev

Today was Kevin’s first day of kindergarten. Sandy couldn’t get off work because she just started her new job a few weeks ago, so I had to take him. It wasn’t a problem, but I did notice that I didn’t see one other father there with their kid, only a whole lot of mothers.

Kevin was a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. He didn’t want to let go of my hand, even after we got into his classroom. He gave me a pucker, so I kissed him and told him to have fun. He said “Daddy? I’m gonna miss you.” I said “I’m gonna miss you too, kiddo.” And then he asked if I was going to pick him up. I said “Yes, I’ll be here to pick you up, don’t worry.” I think we were both about to cry at that point, but being the “men” we are, we kept it together. Argh argh argh. He then joined the rest of his class and I left.

I picked him up this afternoon and he said he had a lot of fun. I asked what he did in school today, and he said “We took a nap, dad. Not a big nap, just a little one.” I asked him if he learned anything else and he said “My teacher said it’s Tuesday.” That’s it. Tuesday and a nap. A very full day of learning for a five-year-old.

Author: Jim