Bargain Basement

We’re in the process of cleaning our basement this week (and probably next week too). It’s amazing what you find when you look through the things you’ve stored away for years. Interesting things that I found and learned today:

* I found my Associate Degree and my High School Diploma! Lost for years!
* I found a new loaf of wheat bread that expired in December of 2002! Wow, the colors!
* Centipedes love coffee!
* Books don’t work well with dampness.
* Goodwill now has a few new racks of clothes for sale!
* DVD-ROM drives stored in dampness still function well.
* Stray potatoes thrive and grow well in dark and dampness!
* Wi-Fi signals travel nicely through floors (Come on, I couldn’t be DISCONNECTED while I cleaned).
* Blow Pops get gooey after a couple years.
* HP Ink fades quickly, especially in the sun.

More interesting finds to come, I’m sure. We’re only about 1/4 done with the basement. I’ll keep you posted.