Stray dogs

By | Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 11:02 pm

We went to Rec-Plex this evening to swim. Had a great time too, but before we left there were a couple of stray dogs wandering around the neighborhood. A neighbor called us and asked if they were ours, since one of them appeared to be a chihuahua and both of them were relatively small. Peanut and Socks were in the house though, so it wasn’t them.

As we left to go swimming we saw them outside. They appeared to be friendly, and always stuck together like they were either from the same owner or just really good friends. I sat down in the grass to see if they’d come to me, but they stood away and barked at me cautiously. I was almost able to pet the chihuahua a little, but they she jumped away. We got in the car and left carefully, taking care not to startle them or cause them to run into the street under our car.

After a great time swimming we returned home and guess who was locked in our backyard, behind the fence!?! Yup, our two dog friends. They greeted us home, just as our own dogs would have if they’d been outside. We’re not sure how they got in the backyard though, since it’s entirely fenced in. Someone had to have put them over the fence or opened the gate and let them in. We assume a neighbor may have let them in and figured they were ours, since they were hanging around our house, probably after hearing our dogs barking from inside.

We knew we couldn’t just let them go free. We didn’t want to think about them possibly wandering a block east to Sheridan Road…they’d certain get hit by a car. And we certainly couldn’t keep them. Four dogs is a bit much. We have our hands plenty full with just two of them. I decided to call the Police for advice. They sent out an officer to verify that we had the dogs, and then called Animal Control.

The dogs were barking quite a bit whenever no one was with them, so I sat on the deck in the backyard with them while I waited for Animal Control. Both dogs were female. One appeared to be a poodle/Shih-Tsu mix and the other one a brown and white chihuahua mix. They were very friendly and warmed up to me quickly. They sat next to me and nudged my hand whenever I stopped petting them. Sandy put out some water and they drank that, so I brought out a couple of dog bone treats for them. They took them, but didn’t eat them. They left them lay out in the backyard.

A while later the Animal Control car came and picked them up. I said goodbye, and he took them away sad . Now, as I sit here typing this I realize what would have REALLY topped off this entry–A photo of these dogs! I didn’t take one! I’ll never ever see them again, and I forgot to even snap a single picture while they were here. Sheesh, what kind of geek AM I??? rolls eyes This is the best I can do:

straydog (32k image)