Rainy Weekend

Wow, rain. All weekend. I almost forgot what it was. Everything was very turning green again today, after the rain passed through. The skies were threatening the rest of the afternoon and evening, and we may have even gotten another sprinkle some time tonight, but looking outside we could tell things were much greener. I might actually have to cut the lawn another time this summer if this keeps up! And now everything gets nice and green just before fall (which is my favorite season)… Fine by me. The bees were getting totally out of control anyway. Looking forward now to the changing colors of the trees and the cooler, drier weather.

Observations: I saw a sign I thought was neat, posted on the sign outside Wolf/Merrick Animal Hospital on 52nd Street during the big Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary celebration. It said “We can fix your dogs, but we can’t fix your Hogs.” One more: A bumper sticker I saw on a car on the way home from my toy store (Best Buy) today: “Life’s Short. Pray Hard.” Underneath it was a Jesus Fish. Nuff said.