Dogs gone wild

By | Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 10:33 am

DSC04561 (32k image)I took a few minutes to watch the dogs “at play” yesterday, with the camera. It seems they love to ham it up for me whenever I watch them They seem to know I like to watch them “wrestle” so they put on a little show when I settle in and watch. I sat in the backyard in the grass (Sandy wouldn’t let me sit in the living room after that until I changed clothes–she assumed I sat in dog poop) and watched them, snapping the camera every few seconds..!Image3 (42k image)

The highlights of these shots are embedded in this entry for your amusement. Peanut’s nickname is now “Cujo,” and you can see why. Man, he can look really scary when he wants to! Socks can make that face too, but it just doesn’t take on that evil look that Peanut can pull off. Maybe that’s because he’s had so much more practice–he gives Sandy that look on a daily basis… For some reason he just hates her. She can’t even pick him up without him throwing a fit. It makes things very interesting when “crate time” comes around and he has to go in. Ouch!DSC04605 (29k image)

Peanut seemed to start feeling this way about Sandy just after we brought Socks home after losing Peanut…If that makes any sense. To clarify, please read the short novel I wrote on how we lost Peanut and got Socks by clicking here. Anyway, Peanut has this jealousy toward Socks, and he seems to blame that on Sandy. DSC04562 (36k image)But almost any time anyone picks up Peanut he’ll growl and snarl if Socks is close by. I think it’s just out of habit though–He’s so used to Socks grabbing onto his rear-end and going to town on it in an instant when anyone lifts up .DSC04608 (38k image)Peanut’s front quarters. I guess he figures it’s the perfect entry position, so he takes every chance he can get. Or I should say he TOOK every chance he could get… he’s not doing that any more, the “repair” job took care of that little urge.

They’re getting along much better now though, despite how these photos make things appear. Rest assured, they were just playing around together and not really fighting at all, just showing off for me. Once I get up or even turn away and stop paying attention to them they quit wrestling and find something else to do.Image2 (56k image)

I Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! L8r