Spam spam spam sapm

I love the new spam that starts out like this: “We apologize for contacting you at this time of the day, but we need to make sure that you received our previous email. We have checks from $25 – $150 ready to send you…” blah blah blah… You know the rest. But I love the apology for bothering me at “this time of day.” That kills me. How do THEY know when I check my e-mail?? Ah, it just another spam though, why do I bother? I just love the fact that I can get bigger boobs, a six-hour erection, and beautiful chicks for free, 24/7/365 guaranteed, any time I want! I can even refinance my house for three times it’s value, get millions of dollars of free money from the government (Thank you, Matthew Lesko), and I even have hundreds of beautiful girls just waiting for me to respond! After all, what’s e-mail for??

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Author: Jim