DVR Paradise

Our two new DVRs have done wonders for us so far. What they’re capable of is pretty neat, and so easy it’s scary. And with the fall television season starting this coming week, I’m afraid I might just overdose on television altogether!

We use the living room DVR to record Kevin’s favorite shows and a few of ours. He was pretty quick to learn the concept. Over the past couple weeks he’s seen a few shows he really likes and says “Daddy, can I get MORE ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’ or ‘Dexter’s Laboratory?’ I say “Why sure, just a second…’ and with a few clicks of the remote I have a “series schedule” set to record every episode of the show he wants. I tell him I’ll have it for him by tomorrow. So now when he gets TV time he just says ‘Dad, I wanna watch some Spongebob,” and I go through the recorded shows list and put it on for him. How’s THAT for a spoiled kid!

All the options are there too–you can setup any series to ‘keep until manually deleted’ or allow the show to scroll off the list if the hard drive runs out of recording space. Or you can ‘keep the last __ episodes’ of any series, record any occurence of the series on ANY channel or just a specific channel, record all episodes or just ‘first runs’, etc. It sounds complicated, but that’s only when you dig deep down into it. On the surface it’s very simple to use.

It also makes life so much easier for new shows that people recommend to me– “Mahirose” recommended Nip/Tuck to me a few weeks ago, so I setup a series recording and now I’m hooked on it! It’s a great show on FX…

Anyway, as they say, with a DVR you can “Watch TV on YOUR terms, when YOU want to watch it.” You’re no longer bound the the wacky competing prime-time schedules of network television (it’ll even record two shows that are on at the same time!), or the poorly-timed shows that are on when you’re away or working. When YOU have time to watch television you can sit down and load up a show, fast-forward through all the commercials, and pause when you need to use the restroom!

Geez, I should sell these things…