Ladybug Headache

By | Tuesday, October 7, 2003 at 4:09 pm

I have a headache. This morning, as I sat working on the computer in my really comfy Lane Pillowsoft Executive Chair, I took a short break and leaned back in the chair. As usual, the chair bent backward, then suddenly WHAM! I was lying flat on my back–still in the chair–on the floor! The post of the chair had peeled right off at the base. I think I bumped my head on the floor, now it hurts. I’ll get over it. So much for one of Best Buy’s top-of-the-line executive chairs though! But Lane furniture is guaranteed for eons. Now all I have to do is call them, e-mail them a few photos of the broken part, and sit back (in a very uncomfortable wooden chair) and wait for the UPS guy. My headache will turn into a butt ache real soon, I’m quite sure…

To top things off today, we’re in the middle of some sort of ladybug invasion… I don’t know if it’s our white house that’s attacting them or what, but there’s hundreds of them camped out on our porches, front and back, and all over the doors and windows. I’ve been catching them in the house and throwing them out all day. Sandy came home from work and her white top even had a few on it. Getting the mail from the porch was even an exciting endeavor today. They quickly covered the inside of the screen door, so I had to knock them off into my hand one by one, then throw them back out the door in groups of 4 or 5 at a time.