Spooky things

Kevin’s all revved up for Halloween. He’s got his Incredible Hulk costume ready, complete with talking Hulk Hands, and he can’t wait to get out there and show it off. Speaking of Halloween, you should check out our favorite collection of Halloween decorations all in one haunted yard!

That’s the kid that greets you at the door. Make any sudden noise and he dances and says “trick or treat!” or several other things. There are several other sound-activated devices throughout the yard, so it’s pretty neat and spooky.

Speaking of spooky, we watched DreamCatcher tonight… Whoa. VERY spooky. I loved it! It’s based on a Stephen King novel, one of the few I haven’t read. King originally wrote it by hand, on paper, after his horrible accident. He was unable to sit at a desk to type, so he wrote it out on paper instead while he healed. Amazing. The movie was great, so the book must be even better! I’d like to read it some time.