Organ transplants save PC’s life!

Yesterday I received my new motherboard, processor, and memory for to get the old Micron PC rebuilt.  It was an amazingly trouble-free installation! No problems at all, even though the hardest (and scariest) part was installing the fan/heatsink onto the processor–It had to be forced onto the ZIF socket clips, using a flathead screwdriver.  Any slip while applying that much pressure could have resulted in jamming the screwdriver into any of the hundreds of critical components on the motherboard or scratching the traces, which would have most-likely killed it permanently.  But as I said, all went well.  The new board was even a couple inches larger than the old one, yet it fit like a glove into the ATX case and everything seated perfectly.  Even Windows XP installed without a hitch, and found all the hardware and everything on first startup!  So it’s now a Micron Athlon XP 1800+, and I can boot to the XP desktop in 20-25 seconds!

Interesting geek trivia:  I took a few notes, and after installing the original final release of Windows XP Professional (I bought it the day it was released–on 10/25/01) and going to Windows Update for the first time, there were 31 Critical Updates found.  After installing Windows XP Service Pack 1 the number of Critical Updates left to download was 13.  I assume this means that 18 Critical Updates are included in Service Pack 1.

The Athlon XP 1800+ runs at a speed of 1.54GHz, so I’ve come a little way from the 850MHz Pentium III that the Micron had in it before.  The total cost, which included the motherboard, processor, fan/heatsink, was about $140.  That doesn’t include the extra components I added just to upgrade the system a bit–512MB SDRAM and a 120GB Hard Drive.  It appears to be running a lot faster than my 2.2GHz Pentium 4 machine right now though… Probably only because its a brand new installation of Windows though.   Time will tell.