Museum Visit

Kevin and I took a trip to the Kenosha Museum yesterday. He wanted to go somewhere and it was nice out, but as usual money is tight. So we did the museum and had a good time. He always enjoys seeing the dinosaurs and bones, and adventuring through the flashbacks in time. The indian village was finally complete, and he liked looking at the gorey guts of a buffalo that the indians were ripping apart in one exhibit. I liked the art the most, and I took a picture of a nice painting too, it’s right here in the photo of the day section.

After the museum we rode the trolley for two laps. Kevin loves it every time, and I think he could ride it all day and never get bored if we’d let him. After that we had lunch at one of Kev’s favorite spots…McDonalds! He always knows which toys are given away at each of his restaurants, thanks to his own web page he uses on his computer, so he knew he’d get a Lego toy this time, and he did.

After that we went home and he practiced riding his scooter a little. We weren’t able to do it for long though, the wind was really fierce yesterday afternoon as the cold front moved in, and it kept blowing him off of his scooter!

Jigsaws Galore

I’ve been playing with Jigsaws Galore this week. It’s a great jigsaw puzzle game that lets you make a puzzle out of any photo or image you have. It’ll let you save collections of puzzles, and even generate “Gift Puzzles”, which are standalone executables that anyone can load and play without even requiring the purchase of the program!

I bought the full program though ($25.00). I plan to use it to generate bonus jigsaw puzzles to include on the CD-based photo collections I plan to start selling in the near future.

In the meantime I’ll be making and posting several puzzles on my site to get some feedback on them and give everyone some free samples of how they’ll look and work. Here’s my first one. Enjoy!

It’s 108 pieces. See how long it takes you…WITHOUT cheating =) Let me know.

Walgreens Overcharges

Walgreens recently paid the state over $22,000 to settle accusations that checkout scanner errors overcharged customers, state officials said. Half of the 28 Walgreens stores tested by state agents failed the state standards, which require an error rate of 2% or less. The Walgreens stores tested had an overall error rate of 5.5%. They said the average overcharge was $2.40 and the average undercharge was $1.28. State law requires stores to issue refunds for overcharges.

So my question is, “Does the state law require stores to issue refunds for overcharges when the CUSTOMER catches them, or ALL the time?” There’s no way it can be all the time though, since cash-paying customers don’t leave a paper trail. So overcharges found after the customer leaves the store go unclaimed, obviously. And I highly doubt anyone follows up on the other paper-trail-generating credit card and check users when an overcharge is made either.

But I do find it very enlightening that even an error rate of 2% is ACCEPTABLE! Why should ANY overcharge be acceptable?!?! So if I spend $100 in a Walgreens–or any other Wisconsin store for that matter–and they charge me $102, that’s just fine with the state. It’s ok to rip me off “a little” I guess. Well, fine. Then I guess I can fudge my tax return by 2% too then, right? Good! Because I owe the state quite a bit this year, that’ll help me out a lot!

Birthday? Fugetaboudit!

Guys and Birthdays. They don’t work well together. I’m not talking about my own though. I’m talking about your spouse’s birthday. Forget it, and you’re in Big Trouble Mister! Believe me, I just found out the hard way. I didn’t actually forget it though. We talked about it earlier and we can’t really afford many things right now, so she said “It’s just another day, don’t worry about it.” I have now learned that when a woman says that, make sure you DO worry about it. OR ELSE. I’m sure it’ll be a long time coming before I hear the end of it too. She dropped a few hints the night before, but I chose to ignore them as well. I had already dismissed the idea of having any celebration of birthdays this month, so I just kind of dismissed it. Several other people, however, wished her a happy birthday, so she was expecting at least that much from me and didn’t get it. I figured she’s over 40 now (shhhhhh!) and who wants to acknowledge getting a year older after that milestone anyway?

I am a failure as a husband. I have computer reminders for every event in my family’s life. Heck, I even know when our DOGS birthdays are! But I ignored all the signals in this case. I assumed–and there’s the keyword–that she wanted me to, since that’s what I thought she meant. As Felix Unger once said on The Odd Couple, “When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME.” And that’s what I feel like now. I guess I’ll know better next time. In the mean time though, I’m wishing her a Happy Birthday EVERY morning from now on. I won’t miss it that way. And maybe by the the time it comes around again for her she will have had enough already. Yeah. Right.