Birthday? Fugetaboudit!

Guys and Birthdays. They don’t work well together. I’m not talking about my own though. I’m talking about your spouse’s birthday. Forget it, and you’re in Big Trouble Mister! Believe me, I just found out the hard way. I didn’t actually forget it though. We talked about it earlier and we can’t really afford many things right now, so she said “It’s just another day, don’t worry about it.” I have now learned that when a woman says that, make sure you DO worry about it. OR ELSE. I’m sure it’ll be a long time coming before I hear the end of it too. She dropped a few hints the night before, but I chose to ignore them as well. I had already dismissed the idea of having any celebration of birthdays this month, so I just kind of dismissed it. Several other people, however, wished her a happy birthday, so she was expecting at least that much from me and didn’t get it. I figured she’s over 40 now (shhhhhh!) and who wants to acknowledge getting a year older after that milestone anyway?

I am a failure as a husband. I have computer reminders for every event in my family’s life. Heck, I even know when our DOGS birthdays are! But I ignored all the signals in this case. I assumed–and there’s the keyword–that she wanted me to, since that’s what I thought she meant. As Felix Unger once said on The Odd Couple, “When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME.” And that’s what I feel like now. I guess I’ll know better next time. In the mean time though, I’m wishing her a Happy Birthday EVERY morning from now on. I won’t miss it that way. And maybe by the the time it comes around again for her she will have had enough already. Yeah. Right.