Jigsaws Galore

I’ve been playing with Jigsaws Galore this week. It’s a great jigsaw puzzle game that lets you make a puzzle out of any photo or image you have. It’ll let you save collections of puzzles, and even generate “Gift Puzzles”, which are standalone executables that anyone can load and play without even requiring the purchase of the program!

I bought the full program though ($25.00). I plan to use it to generate bonus jigsaw puzzles to include on the CD-based photo collections I plan to start selling in the near future.

In the meantime I’ll be making and posting several puzzles on my site to get some feedback on them and give everyone some free samples of how they’ll look and work. Here’s my first one. Enjoy!

It’s 108 pieces. See how long it takes you…WITHOUT cheating =) Let me know.