Museum Visit

Kevin and I took a trip to the Kenosha Museum yesterday. He wanted to go somewhere and it was nice out, but as usual money is tight. So we did the museum and had a good time. He always enjoys seeing the dinosaurs and bones, and adventuring through the flashbacks in time. The indian village was finally complete, and he liked looking at the gorey guts of a buffalo that the indians were ripping apart in one exhibit. I liked the art the most, and I took a picture of a nice painting too, it’s right here in the photo of the day section.

After the museum we rode the trolley for two laps. Kevin loves it every time, and I think he could ride it all day and never get bored if we’d let him. After that we had lunch at one of Kev’s favorite spots…McDonalds! He always knows which toys are given away at each of his restaurants, thanks to his own web page he uses on his computer, so he knew he’d get a Lego toy this time, and he did.

After that we went home and he practiced riding his scooter a little. We weren’t able to do it for long though, the wind was really fierce yesterday afternoon as the cold front moved in, and it kept blowing him off of his scooter!