We went out for dinner and a play with Pam and Louie tonight at Fireside in Fort Atkinson. We had a great meal and saw a great play. Annie is by far the best play I’ve seen so far. Everyone knows the story, so I won’t go into that part of it much.

The actors were amazing though. The entire play was very well acted and choreographed. Most amazing to me, however, was the incredible talent of the younger actresses who played all of the orphans in the play. Ranging in age from 7 to 12 years old, these girls could sing and act great, just like the pros they were working alongside of. My personal favorite was “Molly”, played by 7-year-old Addy Eckert from Grafton, Wisconsin. Her antics and perfect timing were amazing, not to mention just how adorable she seems to be. Of course that could just be her character though…

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the meal–every part of that was great too, from the salad and fresh bread to the roast beef and great asparagas spears on the main course, everything was very very good. If you haven’t been to Fireside Dinner Theatre before, Sandy and I highly recommend it. Click here to read about the play and the supper menu.

And on a side note… As we were leaving the theatre in our car we watched a lady walking two identical Golder Retrievers on leashes from the theatre! I assume this was Misty (the retriever who played “Sandy” in the play), but who was the other dog?? Wow, these days even DOGS have understudies!

Milwaukee Public Museum

Kevin’s class went on a field trip today to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Sandy chaperoned and took a ton of pictures! Take a look.

Hey Pam, I see YOU went to the museum recently too. Did you forget your camera?? I can’t find any of YOUR pictures on your website… And when did your spelling get so accurate!?! Wow, I only found one typo in all those big words! It’s almost as if you didn’t write it yourself… Let me guess… You had Joey write it for you, didn’t you? Ah hah! =)

Kenosha Police Scanner

There’s an awesome feature on that I recently discovered. It’s a Live Kenosha Police Scanner! It scans all of Kenosha’s Police and Fire frequencies live, and whenever anything happens you hear it all, right in your browser–anywhere in the world!

I’ve been a scanner enthusiast since I was a kid, but have been having trouble with my old 200-channel Bearcat portable lately–memory problems, and battery won’t hold a charge any more. So it was quite a treat to find this little gem. It’s cool–nice and clear, with all the important channels covered. I even created a new tab for that url and re-saved my home tabs in firefox so every time i start my browser now I get the police calls. It’s been really exciting the last couple days especially, with the storms there’s been a ton of activity on it!

It doesn’t take up much bandwidth at all, since it doesn’t talk all the time, only when there is activity on the scanner. So even dialup users can enjoy it a great deal. Even if I’m doing something else on the computer I’ll actually minimize my browser now–so I can continue to monitor the police calls.

Kenosha-area users should definitely check it out! You can get hooked real easy, and you’ll soon find yourself asking “What’s a 10-50?? What’s a 10-56??” This should help.

The Flood of 2004

Well, Geekette gave it a good name today. This entry’s title says it all. The headline on the front page of the Kenosha News today reads “Floodgates Have Opened – Kenosha County executive declares a state of emergency.”

Yeah, there’s some water out there. I had a computer job in Illinois today, and I was a little concerned this morning about the best route to take to get there. I chose to take Highway 50 to 45, and 45 South into Illinois. I got lucky and didn’t hit any flooded roads except this one, which I drove through without a hitch.

The trip back was another story though. I chose a slightly different route for my return trip, and ended up having to backtrack about 5 miles when I got here. I’m listening to the scanner calls right now, and they removed the barricades from that very intersection not more than 15 minutes ago, and now there’s a pickup truck stuck in it. The utility workers at the intersection reported that he was continuously bumping a barricade further and further down the roadway, probably goofing around, when his truck fell into a ditch. Brilliant. They’re going to check him for a possible DWI now.

Geekette posted some great pics too, from right outside her door. I love the basketball court pic!