We went out for dinner and a play with Pam and Louie tonight at Fireside in Fort Atkinson. We had a great meal and saw a great play. Annie is by far the best play I’ve seen so far. Everyone knows the story, so I won’t go into that part of it much.

The actors were amazing though. The entire play was very well acted and choreographed. Most amazing to me, however, was the incredible talent of the younger actresses who played all of the orphans in the play. Ranging in age from 7 to 12 years old, these girls could sing and act great, just like the pros they were working alongside of. My personal favorite was “Molly”, played by 7-year-old Addy Eckert from Grafton, Wisconsin. Her antics and perfect timing were amazing, not to mention just how adorable she seems to be. Of course that could just be her character though…

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the meal–every part of that was great too, from the salad and fresh bread to the roast beef and great asparagas spears on the main course, everything was very very good. If you haven’t been to Fireside Dinner Theatre before, Sandy and I highly recommend it. Click here to read about the play and the supper menu.

And on a side note… As we were leaving the theatre in our car we watched a lady walking two identical Golder Retrievers on leashes from the theatre! I assume this was Misty (the retriever who played “Sandy” in the play), but who was the other dog?? Wow, these days even DOGS have understudies!

Author: Jim