One more jab at Incredimail

A friend of mine recently ran into an interesting problem: After uninstalling Outlook Express (if that’s even really possible) she opened her Incredimail and tried to open an attachment in an e-mail. She got an error stating that Outlook Express could not be started, and it may not be installed properly. That’s funny, I always thought Incredimail was Incredimail.

So I stopped over and tried a few things. After I reinstalled Outlook Express guess what? Incredimail was then able to open attachments! Go figure. And the opened window had her current Incredimail skin, and even had a Help > About menu, which STILL touted itself as “Incredimail”!! I believe we’ve been scammed, people. At least those that made the mistake of purchasing the full version. We thought we bought an actual program, but now it appears to be just a skinned version of Outlook Express! Nothing on Incredimail’s site says anything at all about being an enhanced version of Outlook Express or anything remotely close to that. But knowing very well how Outlook Express is the frequent target of hackers and virus infections, I would be a little more concerned at this point if I were still using it as my e-mail client.

Think Thunderbird. Think Thunderbird. Think Thunderbird.