Time for a Little R&R (Ronald Reagan)

By | Friday, June 11, 2004 at 4:58 pm

Hey, did anyone notice Ronald Reagan passed away? How could you miss it, it’s everywhere. Every website I’ve been to the last few days has mentioned it, even the non-political and non-news sites. And now it’s on MY site! I make it a point to not get political on my site, so please excuse me for a moment. I think this whole thing’s a bit much. Everywhere you turn there’s tributes, stories, memorials, and remembrances day after day. I understand an ex-president doesn’t die every day, but the TRUE American Heroes you hear very little or nothing about when they pass. Why is that? Did we fly the flag at half-staff when Nicholas Berg was beheaded? Reagan gets 30 days, June 6th-July 6th, right on through Independence Day, when EVERYONE is staring at the American flag. How about what’s-his-name (see? I already forgot), the pro football player who gave up a multi-million dollar contract, dropped everything, and went to Iraq to fight for us as an Army Ranger and got killed? I read two articles and he was gone. Ray Charles died yesterday. He wasn’t a former president, but I’m sure he made more money in his lifetime and touched more lives.

Reagan liked Jelly Bellys though, that’s what’s most important. And for that reason and a few others every government office was closed today. Now we’ll remember Reagan for having stopped the federal government and Wall Street dead in its tracks for a 24-hour period of time on an otherwise busy and productive Friday. And watch out, here comes a new national holiday! And I’m sure my employer won’t pay me for it, either. But that’s ok. I say, instead of working every June 11th, let’s make it “FREE JELLY BELLYS FOR EVERYONE, EVERY JUNE 11TH!! — NO WORK! IT’S TIME FOR SOME R&R!”