Jay and Silent Ty Stop By

Jayson was here from Arizona this evening. He took us out for pizza to this place. By far the best pizza we’ve ever had! There’s just something about that super-thin, super-crunchy crust and perfect toppings that make this pizza awesome. And the garlic bread was great too! We’ll definitely be visiting this place in the future.

Jay also brought his new toy along (his Sony DSC-P73), so we compared features, talked geekspeak, and took a few pictures. I’ll let him do the posting in his gallery section this time–I’m sure he’s anxious to try it out for the first time with the new camera. I just had to post the one picture of Wells Brothers so everyone knows about it. It’s at 2148 Mead Street, Racine, WI, Phone: (262) 632-4408.

He picked up Tyler for the summer and they stopped back at our house shortly before heading off to their hotel for the evening. Tyler was pretty quiet at first, but once he started playing Eye Toy with Kevin he opened up pretty quickly and started having a blast jumping, punching, and kicking inside the video games.

They’re flying back to Arizona tomorrow. Definitely too short of a visit, that’s for sure! We’re hoping to be able to go out there to visit him in the near future for a “slightly” longer visit than this one was.