Something Old, Something New

There are new releases from both Firefox and Thunderbird available! I’ve made them available on my site for instant download. Just click on those links to download them immediately. They’re also in my new “Downloads” section in the right sidebar on the main page of my site. The new versions look really great, especially the enhanced themes for Firefox, and there’s been a lot of improvements all throughout both programs. One big example in Firefox: On any web page start typing a few letters of any link–for example if you’re looking for the link to CWShredder on my site just start typing CWS and Firefox jumps immediately to that link on the page! It’s not even a command, it’s just always there waiting. You’ll never have a hard time finding any links on a page again!

That was new. This is old: I took a huge leap back in time yesterday. A good friend of ours who passed away last December left behind a house full of “classic” computers and gaming gear. His wife offered this stuff to me yesterday after being turned down by several charity organizations. No one wanted to give his antique equipment a new home. I, however, was thrilled at the thought of reliving a huge part of my past, and jumped at the chance. I have 6 or 7 Atari game systems, a Colecovision, two Atari 800XL computers and hundreds of programs, games, controllers, and peripherals for them.

It’s really quite a sight, but I guess you wouldn’t appreciate it unless you were part of that era. I’m going to post some photos of the stuff soon, just for the other geeks from my generation to appreciate. Matt is currently experimenting with all of the hardware and software, so I’m waiting for his official word on today’s generation’s take on MY generation’s technology. It should be very enlightening. I’ll keep you posted. And don’t forget the rest of my essential downloads that are available. I highly recommend all of these:

AdAware 6.0 build 181
Dvd Shrink
Easter Eggs
Flash Movie Extractor
Kazaa Lite Resurrection
Kingdom Hospital Jigsaw
Matt Puzzle
Pop Peeper
Peanut & Socks Jigsaw
Spybot 1.3