The Spectacular New Atari Video-Game Computer!

I did a little more digging through the old boxes tonight and found this! It thrilled me beyond words. View the full-size image by clicking the thumbnail, then click on the medium-sized image. Read the entire ad. This is a real keeper. Can you imagine? I can’t even remember what we initially paid for our first Atari 2600 system, but I know we did get one early in it’s release, so it had to be close to this price. Wow. I even played Yar’s Revenge for a while yesterday. I relearned the gameplay pretty quickly and I was again hooked. That was one of my all-time favorites.

I almost fear that all of this reliving of my past is somehow going to cause my mind to lose what it currently knows about TODAY’S computers. Kind of like a retroactive brainwashing… Uhoh. I feel the gigbytes slipping away and being replaced by “k’s”…

Author: Jim