I’m sure glad I got rid of AOL log ago!

I read today that 92 million AOL screen names were sold by an AOL insider to a spammer. The spammer used them to send out his own gambling ads and then resold the list to other spammers. So much for AOL’s privacy policy. It means nothing now. I smell one or two lawsuits coming. I dumped AOL years ago and never looked back. I have nothing bad to say about them, except that they tend to block messages from MY domain as spam for some reason. I think it’s because I’m somewhere within a block of IP addresses that regularly DO send spam, so I’m included I guess. Well, I’m sure they’ll be blocking a lot more now, that’s for sure.

Just add AOL to that growing list of infected ISPs. Thousands of Comcast customers recently got a dose of the problems of spam as well, when some hacker/spammers managed to figure out how to install a trojan on their particlar brand of router, causing their customers to unknowlingly become the senders of thousands of spam messages! Comcast took action by eventually selectively blocking port 25 from those IP addresses suspected of sending spam.

It’s hard to blame AOL for their latest problem though. They just had a bad (VERY bad) employee, who will hopefully pay the price now. I hope they make an example out of him. I say confine him to a cell for the rest of his life and make him eat nothing but Spam (the Shoulder of Pork/hAM product) for 3 meals a day.

I still always wonder who the heck actually acts upon ANYTHING they read in a spam message??? Who are these people that somehow make spamming worthwhile??? Apparently there are a lot of sad people out there with gambling addiction, erectile dysfunction and micropenis.