Independence Day 2004

We hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July! WE certainly did, and all without leaving the house. We had a small assortment of fireworks I picked up from Extreme Fireworks on I-94. It’s a great fireworks store with a nice buy-one-get-one-free deal every day. I only spent $20 on the fireworks, and it was still way more than we could do in an evening ourselves. We ended up giving some away to the neighbors after we were thoroughly exhausted ourselves, and we still have a ton of bottle rockets, Yellow Rose Texas Rockets, and Snaps left over! We especially enjoyed the colored torches–they’re just like sparklers, only they come in various colors like red, blue and green, and they look closer to road flares than sparkers. They burn pretty much the same though, and Kevin had a blast with them. I got a few nice shots of everyone enjoying themselves, so take a peek if you want.

We didn’t want to bother with all of the traffic and hassle of the big show at the lakefront, so we stayed home and had our own little show here. As it turned out, watching all of the neighbors shoot their fireworks off turned out to be very exciting anyway! We were surprised by how many there actually were, and they were going off in all directions from our house, so we were never sure where to look next. We had some minor ground spinners, a couple of parachutes, sparklers and torches, but a few of our neighbors seemed to have the real deal–they sounded like cannons going off, and then there would be a full bloom or several blooms above the houses. Really neat.

Oh, and don’t forget the Fireworks For Fun link in my links list if you’d like to play around on the computer with your own fireworks.