Tall ships are just around the corner!

It looks like Kenosha’s 4th of July Festivities were a huge success this year. No major incidents or accidents, 200 fireworks calls–but those were normal for the holiday though, and no major problems reported at the fireworks, which reportedly attracted 19,000-20,000 people to the lakefront to watch. Just like our little home-based event, everything went off without a hitch for the most part. It’s actually a relief to see something nice reported on the front of the newspaper for a change.

I regret missing the Patriotic Pooch contest though–that would have made for some pretty cool photos for the site I think. And if Kevin were able to ride his bike well enough, we would have even participated in the Kids Bike Decorating Contest and Parade that they had. He’s just not to that point yet, but we’re working on it. Hopefully he’ll be good to go for next year’s event. We’ll keep him “in training” for it until then. And if we could just get Socks to keep a stars and stripes top hat and coat on for a few minutes he’d certainly win the Patriotic Pooch Contest walking around like that on two legs! The Tall Ships Festival will be here next month! (August 4th-8th) So we’re anxiously awaiting another good time.

In other news, Louie got a very perty new toy to play with! I was going to post the photos on my site, but since Pam did it already, I’ll just point you over there, since it’s their new toy anyway. There are very few RumbleBees made, and each one is individually serialized, as you’ll see in the photos. They also cost a pretty penny more than the “simple” Ram 1500 that they’re based on, based on the info on DaimlerChrysler’s website. Zoom zoom. Whoops, wrong vehicle ad… Gotta Hemi?