Prairie Family Days

We spent the afternoon and evening at Prairie Family Days today.  We got there about 4:00pm, staked out a great spot on the lake to watch the water, laser, and fireworks shows, and then visited the games and vendors.

Kevin did the Titanic slide again–twice, the moonwalk, and played just about all the games.  He won a bunch of small toys and had a very good time.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t ride the Kiddie Train this year though.  He was looking forward to it a lot, and it was even advertised in the paper as being there this year, but once we were there it was nowhere to be found.

I don’t know if it was just me, but the laser show seemed much better this year than last.  It seemed like there were more lasers this time, surrounding us completely.  I only remember two sources last year, located on the opposite side of the lake.  It was awesome, something that must be seen in person.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  The fireworks were great too, and they combined the lasers and the fireworks very nicely a few times throughout the show.  The medley of television theme songs were also a treat.  I was able to identify every show they played, and it was very funny when they played the “Friends” theme and hundreds of people did the four-clap part right on cue!

I took over 160 pictures throughout the day, and I uploaded the best ones tonight. Take a look.

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