Our day at Six Flags Great America

We spent the day at Six Flags Great America Wednesday (8/25/04). We had the day planned a couple weeks in advance, and got a good deal on the tickets, so Sandy, Kevin and I went with my sister Beth and her daughters Brianna and Ashley. The six of us had a great time. I printed all the park info beforehand (ride height requirements, etc.) and even printed the hourly weather forecast for each hour we were at the park since it was supposed to rain all day–sometimes heavy–on Wednesday. As it turned out, we had a few sprinkles throughout the day, but that was it. No downpours at all, and no heavy rain. Nice going, weather.com. As it turned out though, I think the awful forecast helped us out a great deal. The park was pretty empty! It looked like most people cancelled the day or rescheduled it, probably expecting a lot of rain, so the park was very empty for us. There were no lines for nearly all the rides, and the few that did have lines were short with only a few minutes wait. We were able to ride several rides multiple times, and Kevin even went on several rides by himself, with no one else on them but him. Brianna–Beth’s daughter–even did the karoake studio thing and recorded her own single.


Kevin even won a stuffed animal (Pirate Taz) from one of the games and he got a few other toys as well. We took a few pictures and even got a preview of some of the great Fright Fest sets that were already in place for their annual Halloween celebration. They were pretty cool. One demonic statue had blood contantly dripping from its tongue hanging out of its mouth!. And there was even a headstone for me and my sister Karen, side-by-side, and a Fright Fest hearse. All of the pictures are right here, so take a peek if you want.


As expected, the dancing old man from the Six Flags commercials was plastered all over the park, and there was even a giant inflatable version of him just inside the park entrance to greet everyone coming in. And, of course, that wacky music that always accompanies his dancing could be heard over and over throughout the park, and during the morning opening of the park at the carousel all of the Looney Tunes characters danced to it as well. That silly song is still stuck in my head.

Author: Jim