Dad’s Fall

Dad T took a bit of a fall the other day.  I’m sorry I’m a little late with posting, very busy as usual.  But I guess he slipped and fell to the floor when getting out of bed early Monday morning.  Clayton was there though, and said he lost consciousness for a few minutes as well.  Clayton called 911 and had an ambulance take him to the hospital.  He’s alright, and he looked ok even when we first visited him right after he got to the hospital.  They’re keeping him for a couple days for observation, to run some tests, and to have him do a little therapy.  They’re looking for possible clots in his legs, etc., but no word yet on any problems found.  I’ll try to keep everyone posted more promptly.

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Socks Scare

We had a scare with Socks yesterday.  Sandy came home with groceries, so Matt and I went out to help bring them in.  As usual, the dogs ran out too, so I tried to keep them inside the gate while we went out to get the groceries.  They like to get out just to check out the neighbor dogs and mark their territory, but fortunately they don’t run to get away.  So yesterday Socks managed to sneak around my legs and bolt out the gate as fast as he could.  I yelled, but he was off and running and ignored me completely.

He immediately ran across the street, got cornered in a yard surrounded by bushes, and excitedly barked at the kids across the street from it.  I walked over to get him, but then he reversed direction when he heard the neighbor’s dogs from across the street from us barking.  They have a tall wooden fence around their backyard, and they have a German Shehperd and a smaller dog.  Socks ran up to the fence and began sniffing and barking at their smaller dog through a small hole in the fence.  The barking continued to escalate for a moment, and then the German Shepherd suddenly scaled the wooden fence and came right over the top of it!

Socks stood up to him, which was his downfall I think.  They growled and barked at each other, and then began fighting rougher.  I was yelling, trying to shock them enough to distract them a little so I could grab Socks.  The German Shepherd tried to grab hold of Socks’ neck, but Socks squirmed away quickly and fought back.  Then  the German Shepherd got more aggressive and grabbed Socks by his hind quarters with his mouth, picked him up and shook him like a rag doll in his mouth for a few seconds.  This was terrifying, and as I continued yelling I had no idea what to do.  I didn’t want to get attacked by this German Shepherd, but I needed to get Socks out of there before he was killed.

The neighbors who own the German Shepherd then came out and called their dog back.  He didn’t seem angry, and backed off a bit while Socks continued to be defensive until I calmed him down and picked him up.  He cried and yiped quite a bit, and was shaking tremendously as I held him.  I brought him into the house and checked him out.  Amazingly there was no blood.  The big dog somehow avoided drawing any blood at all, and seems to have only bruised Socks.  He’s not limping or anything, and gets around ok, he’s just extremely sensitive in certain areas if you try to pick him up or pet him, and he won”t jump up on things like he usually does, right now.

Perhaps he’s learned his lesson now though.  We can only hope.  Having a run-in with the “neighborhood bully” just might have put him in his place a bit.  He’s sure not barking at every little thing during the day when I’m trying to sleep now!  But I think not being able to jump up on the back of the couch and SEE every little thing out the window to bark at helps with that though.  We’re keeping a close eye on him now, just to make sure his injuries aren’t more serious than we think.


We went to a great Fish Boil today, an annual event held by a friend of Sandy’s. We’ve gone for the past few years and the food is just great every time. It was just as great this year. The only problem we had, which seems to be getting worse, is Kevin’s fear of every little bug he sees and even plenty of those he DOESN’T see! Anything moving around him small enough to maybe be a bug frightens him.

In thinking about it, it explains a lot now. Kevin never wants to go outside and play with his friends any more. We figured maybe he just doesn’t feel like it whenever his friends are outside, but now I think it’s actually his fear of bugs. He just can’t concentrate outside at all without whipping around, back and forth, constantly checking his surroundings for any sign of a bug. We continue to explain that most bugs are totally harmless, try to get him to look at them more on the computer and in books, etc. Hopefully he’ll just outgrow this problem, but it’s pretty disturbing at the moment. had this to say on the subject:

For now, your job is to acknowledge his anxiety and help him feel more comfortable with creepy crawlies. Encourage him to talk about what scares him and reassure him that you understand why he’s frightened. Resist the urge to laugh even if his fear of flies seems a bit silly. If he has had an unfortunate encounter with a bee, he’s got ample ammunition for his aversion. Recognize that contact with some critters can indeed hurt, but do so in a calm, matter-of-fact fashion.

Be sure to point out examples, such as fireflies and butterflies, which are beautiful and harmless. Check out bug books from your local library, then sit down together to read about the wonders of the insect world. The more he understands about spiders and their habits, the less fearful he’s likely to be. Taking a trip to an insect exhibit at a natural history museum is another “safe” way to expose your child to beetles and bugs. You can also casually introduce him to insects on your walks together — just don’t overreact when you encounter something that stings. Say, “Look at that lovely blue dragonfly.” And, “Watch out for the wasp.” In their own time, most kids combat this angst and go on to become fascinated with everything six-legged and small. Your child may wind up keeping worms or collecting cocoons for pets. So if a moth lands near him now, go ahead and help him shoo it out a window. Eventually he’ll learn to appreciate these creatures of nature.

So there you go. It sounds like good advice. We’ve taken him to the museum many times and focused on bugs, looked at their parts under the microscope, etc., so we’re doing what we can. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

I’ve been busy

My apologies to those loyal readers of this website who visit daily (I know there are at least one or two of you).  I try as much as possible to post SOMETHING every day or two, whether it’s in the forums, in this blog, or even just a funny photo in the daily photos section.  But the past few weeks have been extremely busy for me, and I’ve had to put the website on the back burner for a bit.  But we’ve still been getting regular postings, and I did still pop in almost daily for a minute or two at a time, even though I haven’t had time to actually compose a forum post or blog entry.  I’d sure love to have the activity that gets though, and I always keep dreaming that I DO still get as many visitors, they just don’t POST here much, they just read.

But anyway, I’m still here, I’ll never give up on the site.  I am now back to gainful full-time employment after a short period of searching, and I feel really good about it.  I’ll still try to provide meaningful content and news as much as possible, and you may even notice some slightly outdated postings in the forums tonight.  I added those just “for the record”, so I’d have the complete timeline of major current events on my site for future reference.  I don’t “prune” any of my content, so I intend to end up with quite a bit of accumulated worthy content some day.  Hang in there with me.