Kemper Haunted House

We went to the Kemper Haunted House tonight. We haven’t done much of anything this year for the Halloween season because Sandy and I have both been so busy with our jobs, helping my dad, and my leg problems, and I just felt like doing something fun with Kevin. So Sandy and I took him to a haunted house. It was pretty neat, except Kevin never made it further than the front door.

We assured him over and over before we even left the house and when we got there that none of it was real, there’s no real monsters and it’s all for fun, and he seemed to accept it very well. From just after we got out of the car though, things changed. If you haven’t been there before, The Kemper Center seems to be the perfect place for a haunted house. It’s a very very old structure, several floors, lots of trees around it, and it’s just perfect for a scary setting at night. So when we got out of the car, we immediately noticed darkly dressed people wandering slowly through the parking lot, lawn, and all around the area. They would even walk up to you (or SNEAK up to you, if they could) and just stand perfectly silent and stare. They were usually dressed all in black, and most of them were covered in blood and injuries. One that stood out quite well still had a huge chunk of glass sticking out of his face. I figured he was an auto accident victim. Nice effect.  The top floor of the building had flashing strobes in most of the rooms, and when they flashed you could make out figures in the rooms and windows.

From this point on, Kevin was very nervous, requiring us to hold his hand the entire time. We bought our tickets and got in line. The line formed between two buildings, lined appropriately with tombstones, lots of fog, and the walking dead. They’d stand with you in line and stare just to be intimidating. Kevin was thoroughly spooked. There was even a young girl, she seemed about Kevin’s age, who appeared to be walking dead, holding a teddy bear and just standing in the fog where it came out of the ground, near a couple of tiki torches lining the entrance. By the time we got through the line and up to the entrance Kevin was freaked. We were greeted by our tour guide and invited into the house�she was dressed in white, holding a large knife, and covered in blood. Kevin said I don’t wanna do this! I don’t wanna do this! We nudged him, but he refused. A nice lady at the entrance (not in costume) offered to keep him with her until we got back, so he became her helper and Sandy and I reluctantly went in without him. It was kind of a disappointment, since we mainly went for him, but we had already paid and they had a no refund policy.

It was a bit short, but fun nonetheless. Our guide took us into various rooms that with scary surprises, including the girl from The Ring, Lizzy Borden killing her mother, etc.. Various high-pitched screams, some very close most of the time, were really effective. A pitch-black maze topped things off, and contain weird-feeling things hanging around, on the walls, and a strangely textured floor in some places. Afterward we ended where we had started, and Kevin was helping the lady at the entrance and was glad to see that we had survived the experience unscathed.

All in all it was pretty fun and I enjoyed myself. I only wish Kevin would have taken the plunge. I think he would have come out feeling pretty good at having made it and he’d have something to tell his friends afterward. Oh well, maybe next year.

Oh, I did bring the camera, but everything was so dark I didn’t think much would turn out. I took one photo near the entrance that I really like. It’s pretty spooky, take a look.  That’s the little girl I mentioned at the entrance, just standing there.  You can also see a portion of a headstone to the right.

Author: Jim